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from forum:

  • Economist magazine
  • Local news on tv
  • New York Times online
  • PBS news hour

Charlie's List[edit]

Charlie send me this link to a comment he wrote on

It is definitely worth taking a look

Christof's List[edit]

Doug P's List[edit]

  • maybe just the They get stuff wrong but I feel pretty good considering their information fair.
  • I think Washington Post seems pretty reliable too.

Gary V's List[edit]

I have little trust in any conservative or corporate sources. You can pick through the better ones and find some good stories that I believe aren't biased or that know are biased by mostly mirror reality.

I looked at your list and wouldn't trust most of them on there. example: NPR gained trust, then Bush ruined the CPB and then NPR became a conservative stealth house organ, now its back to being...mostly ok. ABC/CBS/NBC, waste of time. WSJ, no.

I do like the Economist and BBC Uk. The Economist occasionally has some brilliant commentary but often has some wag neoliberal or neoconservative. I've heard enough Neo everything for one lifetime.

WaPo and NYT have some good op eds and some trustable entries. You have to be careful though as they often claptrap like David Brooks

Truthout, TPM, and Crooks and Liars are all pretty dependable progressive sites.

My favorite is Thom Hartmann..he has a dot com and tv show... He's the most dependable source I know of.

Rachel Maddow used to have my respect but I think her Producers forced her to be all in for HRC so during the campaign she got so bad I had to stop watching her. Right now I think she's 'hair-on-fire' for a Pulitzer in trying to take Trump down and I admire her Rhodes Scholar professionalism in doing so, but I'll never fully trust her again.

Lawrene ODonnell and Chris Matthews are fluff. I think the best thing on cable is often Chris Hayes. Too much of a scholar to be really popular but he really does his homework.

I read voraciously and compare the media to what I know from reading> it sinks or swims in relationship to that.

Gisela's List[edit]

Jade H's List[edit]

  • I quite like our local ABC and SBS non commercial tv channels
  • There is a good paper here called 'the Saturday paper' and a periodical called 'the monthly' - they both go in depth and get beyond the spin. Essays ect.

Jim B's List[edit]

Jonathan S's List[edit]

Kathy S's List[edit]

Sadly, the New York Times now has a soft barrier between news and opinion.

Margaret M's List[edit]

  • none

María C's List[edit]

Merle's List[edit]

Mikey Ben's List[edit]

I like to read all sites of a story to try to get a true picture of whats going on. Every publication try's to push a point of view. The truth is in the middle. (from facebook)

But for biz i love

Middle East








Robert Sterbal's List[edit]

Sandra H's List[edit]

  • Other than NPR I haven't found any news source even attempting to address the pipeline and the protest let alone speaking a word of truth.


  • BBC is good too.

Stacey's List[edit]

  • Democracy Now and
  • Pacifica Radio

Stephanie G's List[edit]

  • I have a couple of go to media sources but not one omnipotent source, not with so many available to our fingertips. What I try to do when something happens is to search the web for different sources of the same current event and infer. I will use MSM for discovery and fringe for events. You will start to realize the slants. They'll actually become irritating. BBC is good, but really go all over the place. I visit TYT, RT, AP, Glen Greenwald, Coleen Rowley (for foreign policy), documentarians and activists who are online or on frontlines like Josh Fox, David Braun. The trick is to not use one search engine alone and to stick to facts, not slants. My list may be different than yours. Find those who are authorities on subject matter and when that subject comes up then go see what their saying.

Tricia M's List[edit]