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  • Simple image MediaWiki Extension

Installed on this wiki, this extension is also available to (well copy & paste) from the Simple image MediaWiki Extension page. It simply puts a map image on the wiki page by referencing the flexible image generating interface created by User:Ojw.

This supports wiki markup of the form <map lat="51.485" lon="-0.15" z="11" w="300" h="200" format="jpeg" /> So inside a map tag, you specify parameters 'lat', 'long', 'z' (zoom level), 'w' (width in pixels), 'h' (height in pixels), and 'format'

The extension simply renders an <IMG> tag with the src set to a URL like this one:,-0.15&zoom=11&size=300x200&maptype=mapnik

Keyboard Shortcuts[edit]


  • Alt+Shift+e: edit existing page
  • Alt+Shift+s: save existing page

List of access keys available on Wikipedia
Access key Command Description
+ Start a new discussion Allows you to add a new section (talk pages only)
. (period) My user page Opens your user page (logged-in users only)
, (comma) Edit box Jumps to the edit box (on edit pages)
= Protect Allows you to protect the current page (admins only)
Unprotect Allows you to unprotect the current page (admins only)
c Content page Shows the content page associated with the current article
d Delete Allows you to delete the current page (admins only)
Undelete Allows you to undelete the current page (admins only)
e Edit this page Allows you to edit the current page (non-protected pages or admins)
View source Shows the source of the current page (protected pages)
f Search Allows you to search Wikipedia
h History Shows the current page's history
i Minor edit Toggles the "This is a minor edit" checkbox (on edit pages)
j What links here Shows all of the pages that link to the current one
k Related changes Shows recent changes in pages linked to the current one
l My watchlist Opens your watchlist (logged-in users only)
m Move Allows you to move the current page and its talk page (non-move-protected pages only)
n My talk Opens your talk page (logged-in users only)
p Show preview Shows a preview of your changes (on edit pages)
Printable version Opens a printable version of the current page (on pages other than edit pages)
q Special pages Shows a list of all special pages
r Recent changes Shows a list of recent changes to Wikipedia
s Save page Saves the changes that you have made (on edit pages)
t Discussion Opens the current article's talk page
u Upload file Allows you to upload images or media files
v Show changes Shows what changes you made to the text (on edit pages)
w Watch Adds the current page to your watchlist (logged-in users only)
Watch this page Toggles the "Watch this page" checkbox (on edit pages)
x Random article Loads a random article
y My contributions Opens your contributions page (logged-in users only)
z Main Page Goes to the Main Page

This is the list of default shortcuts defined in core MediaWiki. The first column holds the name of the MediaWiki "message" for the action, and the second column holds the shortcut character. A blank value means that no shortcut key is defined for that action by default.

Accesskey name Keyboard key
accesskey-ca-addsection +
accesskey-pt-anontalk n
accesskey-pt-anonuserpage .
accesskey-blockip-block s
accesskey-compareselectedversions v
accesskey-ca-delete d
accesskey-diff v
accesskey-ca-edit e
accesskey-export s
accesskey-ca-history h
accesskey-import s
accesskey-pt-login o
accesskey-n-mainpage z
accesskey-n-mainpage-description z
accesskey-minoredit i
accesskey-ca-move m
accesskey-pt-mycontris y
accesskey-pt-mytalk n
accesskey-ca-nstab-category c
accesskey-ca-nstab-help c
accesskey-ca-nstab-image c
accesskey-ca-nstab-main c
accesskey-ca-nstab-media c
accesskey-ca-nstab-project a
accesskey-ca-nstab-template c
accesskey-ca-nstab-user c
accesskey-preview p
accesskey-t-print p
accesskey-ca-protect =
accesskey-n-randompage x
accesskey-n-recentchanges r
accesskey-t-recentchangeslinked k
accesskey-save s
accesskey-search f
accesskey-t-specialpages q
accesskey-summary b
accesskey-ca-talk t
accesskey-ca-undelete d
accesskey-ca-unprotect =
accesskey-ca-unwatch w
accesskey-upload s
accesskey-t-upload u
accesskey-pt-userpage .
accesskey-userrights-set s
accesskey-ca-viewsource e
accesskey-watch w
accesskey-ca-watch w
accesskey-pt-watchlist l
accesskey-watchlistedit-normal-submit s
accesskey-watchlistedit-raw-submit s
accesskey-t-whatlinkshere j