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Guaranteed Minimum Income[edit]

His paper he wrote on the topic:

The Writing On The Wall

PDF version:

The Freakonomics Blog post about the idea:

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The New Yorker bike messenger article:


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From Sandra H on facebook: facebook post

  • "My Grandfather in Yugoslavia had a leather goods store in which he made purses, handbags, etc. He had a bank of old school foot-powered Singer sewing machines that were at the heart of his operation.

Last weekend I was at a Family Reunion in what used to be East Germany commemorating my Mother's Mother's 100th Birfday and in the dining area of the place we stayed at there was one of those self same Singer machines. So, being a <3 r of Life's Little Coincidences I took a pic of it with my cameras, laptop and iPod festooned around it."

Time Line[edit]

2016-01-16 Saturday[edit]

2015-12-01 Tuesday[edit]

  • Died at the VA in Washington, DC
  • his friend Nadine was with him


1964-03-03 Tuesday[edit]

  • birthdate

1st Child of Roswitha and Silvester Sterbal

  • In New York City

1963-11-23 Saturday[edit]

  • Date his Mom came to America

1962-08-23 Thursday[edit]

  • His parents got married

1962-04-23 Monday[edit]

  • His parents met in a park in Munich on Easter Monday