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Maps from Fred Shelley's facebook page

Title Link to Map Source
U.S. Counties where more than half the population was born in another US state [1325x911] - Imgur Imgur
National Park Maps Website Makes Hundreds of NPS Resources More Accessible Online - CityLab citylab
In each state, what is the most popular "reality" TV show? article
Stereotyping areas within Washington, D.C. image on tumblr
prepared food dishes associated with each state Image on tumblr
United Steaks of America map: If each state could have only one meat, what would it be? article on slate
Regions of New York [OC] [950x640] - Imgur image on imgur
Homicide: Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Post-Gazette page
United States Presidential Election Results by County (1896) Map on wikipedia
YouGov-US-Personality-Map-Hi-Res-01-1024x583.png (1024×583) Personality Map
diurnal-land-surface-temp.png (1248×612) map
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