Ketogenic diet and cancer

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  • Malaena Medford wrote:

Ketogenic's effect on a cancer cell is like feeding a human nothing but celery for years. It's amount of sugar, not the fact that it's there. Your body produces the correct amount you need through gluconeogenesis, which is too low for cancer and is used up by the systems that require it long before the cancer gets to it in most cases. The reason "normal" blood glucose fuels cancer is it's based on a model of people eating excessive amounts of carbohydrate and low in vitamins and minerals, so the RDA levels are actually the bare minimum of requirements not to die, and the "normal" glucose is more like excessively high glucose levels. Once in ketosis, the body runs on fat and glucose is maintained at a consistent rate, which is way too low for cancer cells to thrive in.

Fasting is also beneficial, but through a different mechanism of causing the body to go into cannibalization mode where it induces autophagy, or tissue recycling of defunct tissues, and apoptosis, programmed cell death of abnormal cells - especially cancer. What fasting doesn't do? Reduce baseline blood sugar, which in ketosis would be way too low for cancer in the first place.

It's all about excess. Baseline blood glucose does not feed cancer.

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