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This book was written for those who want to get their lives organized and actually execute the things on their to-do list.

If you’re one of those people, you’ll find some valuable concepts in this book.

Zen To Done (ZTD) is a system that is at once simple, and powerful, and will help you develop the habits that keep all of your tasks and projects organized, that keep your workday simple and structured, that keep your desk and email inbox clean and clear, and that keep you doing what you need to do, without distractions.

That’s a lot to ask of a little e-book. And in fact, this book won’t do all of these things for you -- you have to do it. You have to really want to change your habits, but what’s provided in this system are the tools for doing that.

And let me say that changing your habits are possible. Using the habit-changing techniques I describe in this book, and on my site, Zen Habits, I have made many habit changes: I quit smoking, started running, started eating healthier, completed a marathon, doubled my income and got my finances in order, became a vegan, have almost eliminated my debt now, completed a triathlon, lost more than 20 pounds, and started a successful blog, to name a few. So yes, habit changes are definitely possible, if you start small, find the right motivation, and maintain your focus.

I’ve also become more organized and productive. Only a couple of years ago, my desk was cluttered, I kept multiple lists of things that I was always losing or forgetting about, I had a ton of things to do and was overwhelmed by the chaos and complexity of my day. Email inbox was overflowing, and so were my physical inbox and voicemail inbox. I kept forgetting to do things, and in general was disorganized and unproductive.

But I began changing those habits, one by one. Today, my inboxes are all empty. My list of things to do today is a simple list of three very important things. I get them done. I am able to clear distractions and focus. I write things down, in one place, so I don’t forget them.

My life is much more sane now, more simplified and more focused. I get a LOT more done -- from all the work in my day job, to writing the blog, to writing for six other blogs, to completing personal projects, and still having time for my family. I am happier and more productive, and it’s all due to a few simple habit changes.

You can do this too, believe me. I’m no super-human -- I simply made the commitment to improve, and began changing my habits, one at a time. You have to really want to change your habits, but what’s provided in this system are the tools for doing that.

Read on, and see how you can do these things too. Now, I don’t expect you to adopt the entire system -- everyone works differently. That’s the beauty of ZTD: you can choose those habits that work best for you.

Good luck, and enjoy this book. Changing your habits can be exciting, and I urge you to enjoy the journey.

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