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Group Coaching threads


A new one is posted each day. You shouldn't have to scroll far to find it. (Mind the date) Here is where you state the steps you'll be taking to achieve your goal that day.

-Or, you can tell us what you did that day or even the day before that brought you closer to your goal. Brag about it! Let us celebrate with you!

Link to top of group posts (these posts should be at or near the top):

Financial Coaching[edit]

for those of us who are trying to get a handle on our finances and maybe even fix our credit. Robert Sterbal coordinates this thread, do a search for "Robert Financial Coaching" to find that post. This one has had trouble getting off the ground. Suggestions are welcomed.

Older thread:

Current thread



If you can't visit the page every single day, but you still want to keep track of your goal, this is a good compromise. Every Sunday at 2 PM Eastern standard time United States I post a new Weekly Check-in. You will state what your goal for the previous week was, and whether or not you reached it. We will also stay our goal for the coming week, and the steps we plan to follow to achieve it. You are always welcome to post directly on the page, that is always fine. Make sure to clearly state that it is a coaching request. We like the theme threads because we can keep track of the like-minded a little more easily. You can cheer the others on even as you are cheered on. It's really nice. But you don't have to. Whatever works for you is what's best.

DAY OF THE WEEK Coaching Reports[edit]

There are seven, one for each day of the week. Do a search for "DOTW" and that day. "DOTW SUNDAYS", for example. If there is something that you should be doing regularly, but not necessarily daily, to move you toward your goal, post here. On that day, I will send out a reminder and you are supposed to report back when that day's goal is met. If you find it doesn't work for you on that day, just move it to a different day. You get endless do-overs. Day of the week threads when they are reestablished