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198 A Conversation On Politics in The Sunshine State w/ New Florida Majority's Andrea Cristina Mercado 2018-09-14
197 A look inside the youth-led progressive civic engagement movement with Blue Future's Nick Guthman 2018-09-12
196 Demystifying the role of data in politics with Pantheon Analytics' Amelia Showalter 2018-09-10
195 Incubating the new generation of progressive leaders with LaunchProgress' Arielle Swernoff 2018-09-07
194 Creating a technology research lab for progressives with The New Data Project's Mikey Dickerson 2018-09-05
193 Advocating for Felon Voting Rights with Restore Your Vote's Danielle Lang 2018-09-02
192 Hosting Activism Experiences with SameSide's Nicole a'Beckett & David Legacki 2018-08-31
191 Fighting for Latino and Immigrant Rights in the Age of Trump with Mi Familia Vota's Esteban Garces 2018-08-29
190 Mobilizing Latino Voters to Transform Texas Politics with Jolt's Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez 2018-08-27
189 Organizing at the Grassroots Level with Brass Tactics' Nick Kowalski & Kevin Puleo 2018-08-24
188 Digital Strategy in the Era of Trump with ACRONYM & Lockwood Strategies' Tara McGowan 2018-08-22
187 Connecting Progressive Candidates with Millennial Voters w/ GoodWerk's Jake Mikva 2018-08-20
186 Making Resources Affordable for Down-Ballot Candidates w/ Campaign Greenhouse's Kathryn Poindexter 2018-08-17
185 Showcasing Progressive Candidates and Organizations with Millennial Politics' Nathan Rubin 2018-08-15
184 Mobilizing Voters in the Rising American Electorate with Voter Participation Center's Page Gardner 2018-08-13
183 Building a Network of Progressive Creatives w/ Collective Agency's Kathryn Jones & Geoffrey Miles 2018-08-10
182 Opposing Attacks on Reproductive Rights with National Advocates for Pregnant Women's Lynn Paltrow 2018-08-08
181 Voting On Behalf of The Unenfranchised with The Love Vote's Esther de Rothschild & Aicha Cherif 2018-08-06
180 Providing Risk Capital for Resistance Groups with's Tamer Mokhtar 2018-08-03
179 Responding to Trump's Election with Daily Action and a Run for Congress w/ Laura Moser 2018-08-01
178 On Effective Leadership and Politics in Michigan with Amy Chapman 2018-07-30
177 Winning Back State Legislatures Using Better Data w/ EveryDistrict's Nicole Hobbs & Drew Morrison 2018-07-27
176 Continuing the fight to defend Obamacare with Health Care For America Now's Margarida Jorge 2018-07-25
175 Jointly with The Arena Talks Podcast and Kate Catherall; One Year Later 2018-07-23
174 Technology, data, and civic engagement with New Virginia Majority's Jamaa Bickley-King 2018-07-20
173 The Rightwing Future of the Supreme Court with Slate's Dahlia Lithwick 2018-07-18
172 On the Trump administration's dismantling of the EPA with STG's Dan Kanninen 2018-07-16
171 A new approach to bringing world-class tech talent to political campaigns with Tech for Campaigns Jessica Alter 2018-07-13
170 Empowering culture change with Civic Nation's Jenn Brown 2018-07-11
169 Preventing America's decline into authoritarianism with Protect Democracy's Justin Florence 2018-07-09
168 Creating time-saving tools for down-ballot campaigns with Election University's Jason Bennett 2018-07-06
167 Winning in swing districts with TNR Campaigns' Joe Trippi 2018-07-04
166 Modernizing Technology and Security at the DNC with CTO Raffi Krikorian 2018-07-02
165 Fighting for Less Secrecy and More Democracy with Open The Government's Lisa Rosenberg 2018-06-29
164 Three Decades in Political Fundraising with Fraioli & Associates' Mike Fraioli 2018-06-27
163 Connecting Democratic candidates and organizations to donors with ActBlue's Erin Hill 2018-06-25
162 On Digital Strategy, Jared Kushner, and the Trump White House w/ The Insurrection's Elizabeth Spiers 2018-06-22
161 The Role of Predictive Analytics in Modern Campaigns with HaystaqDNA's Ken Strasma 2018-06-20
160 Political Law in the Era of Trump with Joe Sandler 2018-06-18
159 Political Outreach to Marginalized Communities with Think Rubix's DeJuana Thompson 2018-06-15
158 Democratizing Polling for Progressive Candidates with Change Research's Mike Greenfield 2018-06-13
157 Helping Emerging Leaders Raise their First Political Dollars with Crowdpac's Gisel Kordestani 2018-06-11
156 Building a community to fund solutions for the world's problems with Shared Nation's Joe McCannon 2018-06-08
155 Holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions with American Bridge's Bradley Beychok 2018-06-06
154 Three Decades Working Alongside Bernie Sanders, with Jeff Weaver 2018-06-04
153 Finding the Media that Changes People's Minds with Swayable's James Slezak 2018-06-01
152 Winning Back Midwestern and Appalachian States with The People's House Project's Krystal Ball 2018-05-30
151 Using Media to Effectively Communicate with Voters w/ CounterPoint Messaging's John Rowley 2018-05-28
150 Using Political Maps to Motivate and Assist Field Campaigns with Empower Engine's Julie Goldberg 2018-05-25
149 Funding Trump Resistance Organizations with's Dmitri Mehlhorn 2018-05-23
148 On Operations and Leadership with Bully Pulpit Interactive's Ann Marie Habershaw 2018-05-21
147 Uplifting the Black Community in Milwaukee and Throughout Wisconsin with BLOC's Angela Lang 2018-05-18
146 Transforming the American Jewish community's support for the Israeli occupation, with IfNotNow's Sarah Brammer-Shlay 2018-05-16
145 The Difference Between Movements and Candidacies with RBI Strategies' Rick Ridder 2018-05-14
144 How America Looks Through the Eyes of a Trump-Skeptical Republican w/ Mair Strategies' Liz Mair 2018-05-11
143 Building Movements Online and Offline with PowerLabs' and Momentum's Nicole Carty 2018-05-09
142 The High Stakes of the Midterm Elections with the American Federation of Teachers' Randi Weingarten 2018-05-07
141 Campaigning in all fifty states with New Paradigm Strategy Group's Tom McMahon 2018-05-04
140 How Democratic Candidates Can Win Back Their States with Governor Martin O'Malley 2018-05-02
139 Safeguarding our Elections Against Cyber-Attacks with Microsoft's David Leichtman 2018-04-30
138 Transforming our media to support a just and inclusive society with Free Press' Mary Alice Crim 2018-04-27
137 Putting the Rise of Trump into Historical Context with The Daily Beast's Barrett Holmes Pitner 2018-04-25
136 Talking progressivism and Bernie 2016 with Prism Communications' Rich Pelletier 2018-04-23
135 Electing scientists to public office with 314 Action's Shaughnessy Naughton 2018-04-20
134 Taking Legal Action to Protect the Public Interest with the Campaign Legal Center's Larry Noble 2018-04-18
133 Creating a permanent progressive presence in battleground states with For Our Future's Justin Myers 2018-04-16
132 Rallying young people to fight for a clean energy economy with Sunrise Movement's Varshini Prakash 2018-04-13
131 Tracking Russia's Interference in US Politics w/ the Alliance for Securing Democracy's Laura Rosenberger 2018-04-11
130 Partnering with advocacy groups to create progressive campaigns w/ The Hub Project's Arkadi Gerney 2018-04-09
129 Engaging and Empowering Vietnamese Americans w/ PIVOT and AAPI Progressive Action's Dr. Tung Nguyen 2018-04-06
128 Using transformational organizing to engage activists and win campaigns with Professor Hahrie Han 2018-04-04
127 Fighting to Take Big Money Out of Politics with End Citizens United's Tiffany Muller 2018-04-02
126 Digital Fundraising for Democratic Campaigns and Causes with New Blue Interactive's Taryn Rosenkranz 2018-03-30
125 Advocating for children with complex medical needs with Little Lobbyists' Elena Hung 2018-03-28
124 Non-violent direct action and online activism to create social change w/ The Other 98%'s John Sellers 2018-03-26
123 On Political Strategy and Race Relations in America with brilliant corners' Cornell Belcher 2018-03-23
122 Mobilizing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders with the AAPI Victory Fund's Shekar Narasimhan 2018-03-21
121 The politics of reproductive rights in the era of Trump with NARAL Pro-Choice America's Ilyse Hogue 2018-03-19
120 Entrepreneurship in online political communications with Bully Pulpit Interactive's Andrew Bleeker 2018-03-16
119 Identifying and mobilizing environmentalists w/ the Environmental Voter Project's Nathaniel Stinnett 2018-03-14
118 Protecting the environment and moving to clean energy with the Sierra Club's Michael Brune 2018-03-12
117 Meet the local leaders of the grassroots Indivisible movement 2018-03-09
116 Foreign policy resistance and the Yemeni Civil War w/ Fp4America's Andrew Albertson & FCNL's Kate Gould 2018-03-07
115 Building and empowering the progressive grassroots with Democracy for America's Charles Chamberlain 2018-03-05
114 How to achieve a more progressive House of Representatives w/ Justice Democrats' Saikat Chakrabarti 2018-03-02
113 Building a coalition to protect the Affordable Care Act with Health Care Voter's Laura Packard 2018-02-28
112 Protecting the constitutional rights of all Americans with the ACLU's Faiz Shakir 2018-02-26
111 Understanding and preventing violent extremism w/ ExitUSA and Life After Hate’s Christian Picciolini 2018-02-23
110 Providing legal counsel to Democratic campaigns and organizations w/ Perkins Coie’s Marc Elias 2018-02-21
109 Working to take back the states with the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s Jessica Post 2018-02-19
108 Increasing Latino Representation at all Levels of Government w/ Latino Victory's Cristóbal Alex 2018-02-16
107 Standing up to Corporate Special Interests with Allied Progress’ Karl Frisch 2018-02-14
106 Defending progressive policies with WIN Minnesota's Denise Cardinal 2018-02-12
105 Fighting for the permanent protection of undocumented immigrants with Cosecha’s Thaís Marques 2018-02-09
104 The Power of Grassroots Organizing with 270 Strategies’ Jeremy Bird 2018-02-07
103 Shifting the Debate toward Progressive Policies with CREDO Mobile’s Murshed Zaheed 2018-02-05
102 Distributing commercial software into the progressive campaign and advocacy spaces w/ DemLabs' Deepak Puri 2018-02-02
101 Training the next generation of progressives with the New Leaders Council’s Mark Riddle 2018-01-31
100 Advocating for domestic workers and the elderly with the National Domestic Workers Alliance's Ai-jen Poo 2018-01-29
99 Creating innovative and successful media strategies with Joe Slade White 2018-01-26
98 Accelerating social change campaigns with Moblab’s Michael Silberman 2018-01-24
97 People for Bernie with co-founder Winnie Wong 2018-01-22
96 Understanding our Changing Electorate with Project New America’s Jill Hanauer 2018-01-19
95 The state of the Democratic Party organization with the ASDC & Minnesota DFL’s Ken Martin 2018-01-17
94 Inside the Religious Right Wing with The Investigative Fund’s Sarah Posner 2018-01-15
93 Strategizing to advance the Democratic cause with 44 Renegades' & Lab 736's Liz Jaff 2018-01-12
92 Electing “The People’s Lawyers” with the Democratic Attorneys General Association’s Sean Rankin 2018-01-10
91 Providing free online campaign training for Democratic candidates w/ NDTC's Kelly Dietrich 2018-01-08
90 Ending Republican Gerrymandering with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee’s Kelly Ward 2018-01-05
89 Behind the scenes of political fundraising w/ FMG’s Scott Gale 2018-01-03
88 On political technology and craft brewing w/ the Kentucky Democrats’ Ben Self 2018-01-01
87 Finding and activating hard-to-reach voters online w/ The Tuesday Company’s Michael Luciani 2017-12-29
86 On Graphicacy and Trumpery w/ the University of Miami’s Alberto Cairo 2017-12-27
85 Political theory in the age of Trump w/ CUNY’s Uday Singh Mehta 2017-12-25
84 Analyzing the mood of the electorate w/ GBA Strategies’ Michael Bocian 2017-12-22
83 Innovating and experimenting to increase voter turnout with’s Debra Cleaver 2017-12-20
82 Going on the offensive to win state legislative races with Forward Majority’s David Cohen 2017-12-18
81 Inside the race to take back the state house w/ the Virginia House Democrat's Trent Armitage 2017-12-15
80 Providing a winning tech edge to Democratic and progressive campaigns with NGP VAN's Stu Trevelyan 2017-12-13
79 Making new organizing tools accessible for progressive campaigns with GroundGames' Gerard Niemira 2017-12-11
78 Transforming the local and state policy landscape with the Center for Popular Democracy's Jennifer Epps-Addison 2017-12-08
77 Connecting progressives w/ impactful actions to elect Democrats w/ MobilizeAmerica's Alfred Johnson 2017-12-06
76 Strengthening our democracy by informing voters with Ballot Ready's Alex Niemczewski 2017-12-04
75 Technology and the DNC with Andrew Brown 2017-12-01
74 Helping Americans exercise their right to vote with Spread The Vote's Kat Calvin 2017-11-29
73 The State of Political Polling with Mark Mellman 2017-11-27
72 How to Resist the Trump Administration with My Weekly Resistance's Jaye and John Zola 2017-11-24
71 Ensuring All Eligible Americans Can Vote with Access Democracy's Alexis Prieur L'Heureux 2017-11-22
70 Leading the Fight for Progressive Political Values with American Federation of Teacher's Michelle Ringuette 2017-11-20
69 Fighting to Protect Health Care for Millions with the Protect Our Care Coalition's Leslie Dach 2017-11-17
68 Election Day 2017 - What Can We Learn and Where Do We Go From Here? 2017-11-15
67 Building Movements for Progressive Causes with Revolution Messaging's Scott Goodstein 2017-11-13
66 Making Constituent's Voices Heard with 5 Calls' Nick O'Neill and You Lobby's Kira Ganga Kieffer 2017-11-10
65 Training Women to Run for Local and State Office with VoteRunLead's Erin Vilardi 2017-11-08
64 Connecting the Resistance via Text Message w/ Rapid Resist's Yoni Landau & Hustle's Perry Rosenstein 2017-11-06
63 Recruiting and Training Immigrants to Run for Office with New American Leaders Project's Sayu Bhojwani 2017-11-03
62 The Coordination Hub for the Progressive Community with America Votes' Bubba Scott Nunnery 2017-11-01
61 Leading the Fight to Protect Reproductive Health with Planned Parenthood Action's Deirdre Schifeling 2017-10-30
60 Better Campaign Budgeting with Warchest's Conner Johnston, Josh Wolf and Juliet Albin 2017-10-27
59 Building the Labor & Progressive Movements w/ Atlas Project's & the Organizing Group's Steve Rosenthal 2017-10-25
58 Opinion Journalism in the Trump Era with New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait 2017-10-23
57 The state of the Democratic party -- it's not all bleak -- with NDN's Simon Rosenberg 2017-10-20
56 Organizing with Resist's Jess Morales Rocketto 2017-10-18
55 Connecting Pro-Choice Voters with Pro-Choice Candidates w/ #VOTEPROCHOICE's Heidi Sieck 2017-10-16
54 Working to Shape the Future of Politics with NewFounders Conference's Genevieve Thiers & Dan Ratner 2017-10-13
53 Building a Support Center for World-Changing Initiatives w/ Van Jones' The Dream Corps 2017-10-11
52 Mobilizing Jewish Democrats with the Jewish Democratic Council of America's Ron Klein 2017-10-09
51 Building Tools to Empower the Grassroots with Progressive Coders Networks' Rapi Castillo 2017-10-06
50 Powering Progressives with voter data and analytics with Catalist's Laura Quinn 2017-10-04
49 Rebuilding and Modernizing the DNC with Jess O'Connell 2017-10-02
48 Evolution of Online Digital Politics w/ Alan Rosenblatt of Lake Research Partners and turner4D 2017-09-29
47 Fighting for a Democratic Majority in the Senate in 2018 with Senate Majority PAC's J.B. Poersch 2017-09-27
46 Fighting for Veteran's Rights in the Era of Trump with VoteVets' Will Fischer 2017-09-25
45 Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election w/ Will Robinson of The New Media Firm 2017-09-21
44 Breaking the Partisan Gridlock with The Centrist Project's Charlie Wheelan 2017-09-20
43 Protecting Reproductive Freedom with NARAL's Kaylie Hanson-Long 2017-09-18
42 Using Political Research for Transparency with Mike Phillips of Vigilant 2017-09-15
41 Investing in Progressive Impact with the Democracy Alliance's Gara Lamarche 2017-09-13
40 Promoting progressive change and defeating Trump with Occupy Democrats' Omar Rivero 2017-09-11
39 Giving Democratic Campaigns a Competitive Edge in Digital Media with Rising Tide Interactive's Eli Kaplan 2017-09-08
38 Building the Next Generation of Political and Civic Leaders with The Arena's Ravi Gupta 2017-09-06
37 Building progressive change from the ground up with Ragtag's Brady Kriss 2017-09-04
36 Avoiding Resistance Burnout with Resistance Manual and Self Care Sunday's Aditi Juneja 2017-09-01
35 Fighting Trump's Assault on the Environment with League of Conservation Voter's Tiernan Sittenfeld 2017-08-30
34 All politics is local with Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party 2017-08-28
33 Campaigning with data - TargetSmart's Tom Bonier 2017-08-25
32 Activating Asian America for civic engagement with 18 Million Rising's Cayden Mak 2017-08-23
31 Fact-based Progressive News in the Era of Trump with Judd Legum, Editor-in-Chief of Think Progress  2017-08-21
30 The Science of Elections, Voting Rights and Public Opinion w/ Harvard's Steve Ansolabehere 2017-08-18
29 Improving Political Outreach through Social Networks with VoterCircle's Sangeeth Peruri  2017-08-16
28 Mobilizing Constituents to Influence Congress with The Town Hall Project's founder Jimmy Dahman  2017-08-14
27 Humanizing Political Conversation & Civil Discourse w/ Spaceship Media's Eve Pearlman & Jeremy Hay 2017-08-11
26 Flipping Districts from Red to Blue by Mobilizing Volunteers with Sister District's Rita Bosworth  2017-08-09
25 Fighting Fake News, Bots and Conspiracies in with Media Matters' President Angelo Carusone  2017-08-07
24 Resistance is More than Opposing Trump with Neal Conan of Truth, Politics and Power 2017-08-04
23 Social & Political Storytelling with Pantsuit Nation Executive Director Cortney Tunis  2017-08-02
22 The Importance of Swing States to Win Back the House in 2018 w/ Swing Left's Ethan Todras-Whitehill  2017-07-31
21 Developing Campaign Strategies with Data Analytics with Clarity Campaign's John Hagner  2017-07-28
20 Inspiring Democratic Women to Run for Office with Emerge America's A'Shanti Gholar and London Lamar  2017-07-26
19 Empowering the Resistance through Progressive News with Shareblue's Jess McIntosh 2017-07-24
18 The Intersection of Technology and Political Fundraising with ItStartsToday's Jonathan Zucker  2017-07-21
17 Creating Global Problem Solving Initiatives with Purpose's Josh Hendler 2017-07-19
16 Helping Pro-Choice Women Win Elections with EMILY's List's Muthoni Wambu Kraal 2017-07-17
15 Winning Elections & Campaign Tactics for Progressives with The Analyst Institute's Aaron Strauss 2017-07-14
14 Supporting Equity and Justice Activists with Resistance Manual and Our States' Sam Sinyangwe  2017-07-12
13 Creating Blue State Legislatures with Flippable's Catherine Vaughan  2017-07-12
12 Connecting Candidates with Training and Funding w/ Run For Something's Ross Morales Rocketto  2017-07-12
11 None of This is Normal with Shakesville's Melissa McEwan  2017-07-12
10 Defending Democracy Against Authoritarianism with March for Truth's Andrea Chalupa  2017-07-12
9 Recruiting and Supporting Progressive Candidates with Kate Catherall  2017-07-12
8 Can Progressive Entrepreneurs Change Policy and Win Elections? Onward Together's Nick Merrill  2017-07-12
7 Digital Advocacy for the Resistance with StandUp America's Sean Eldridge 2017-07-12
6 Investing in Progressive Technology Entrepreneurs with Higher Ground Lab's Betsy Hoover 2017-07-12
5 How to Write Your Representative or Senator in Two Minutes with Resistbot's Jason Putorti 2017-07-12
4 Rallying the Resistance in the Age of Trump with MoveOn's Ben Wikler 2017-07-12
3 Seeding Progressive Start-ups, Media, and Movements with New Media Venture's Julie Menter 2017-07-12
2 Grassroots Organizing for Congressional Accountability with Indivisible's Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia 2017-07-12
1 The Political Strategy Against Voter Suppression with Jason Kander 2017-07-12
0 Episode 0: What is the Great Battlefield? 2017-07-12

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