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I've put my capture list into Google Docs:

see bookmarks * Places I capture

This page will be used to track all outstanding projects and their next steps:

  • pay bills
  • file paperwork
  • pay taxes
  • create wiki page for every contact
  • work on sterbal family recipes
  • finish posting Good and Cheap recipes
  • work on GTD
  • clean office
  • determine best contents and location for things in office
  • organize origami stuff
  • do a complete inventory of all items
  • put up things to hang items in the garage
  • maintain heater and air conditioning
  • maintain files in file cabinet
  • maintain files on computer
  • backup computer
  • update SQL Server wiki
  • post my brother's writing and videos
  • learn more about Mediawiki
  • Home maintenance, repair and update
  • daily chores
  • weekly chores
  • Select an online service store files
  • Create a system to compare my household expenses with people at the same income level averages
  • review Things to do
  • decide on order for lists: calendar, reverse date, window size, times within a date
  • decide on order for lists: contacts, First, Last, Master List, Active Master List, Groups
  • Learn Linux
  • compare impacts of Google Drive, Amazon Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox on desktop
  • compare impacts of Google Drive, Amazon Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox on mobile
  • organize photos
  • create a system for storing all important financial records
  • download checks paid for support
  • define bill paying practices
  • review family expenses
  • daily sort of papers