CBS Sunday Morning October 28, 2018

From Sterbal's Sundry Studies

The Sunday Morning Experience Top 5[edit]

  1. Blackface * Maurice Dubois
  2. Licorice * Conor Knighton
  3. Antarctica * Anthony Mason
  4. Horror Films * Lee Cowan
  5. 1968 * Jim Axelrod

Sue Camp a.k.a. Luka's mom joins Naomi this week as a guest co-host. Sue, along, with Luka run the Twitter group CBSAnipals. Every week they get together and watch CBS Sunday Morning and have developed lifelong friendships as a result. This just might be the best thing to come from the internet.

Naomi and Sue tackle the sensitive issues of this week's show and talk about candy and movies, too. Sue is willing to try this licorice from Denmark if it's the salty kind and has tipped us off to a chance to win some fancy licorice from the company featured on today's show Naomi tries to imagine herself being as generous as Joanna Worsley after her husband's death and thinks she would come up short.

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