CBS Sunday Morning November 3, 2019

From Sterbal's Sundry Studies

The Sunday Morning Experience Top 5[edit]

  1. Armless Archer * Lee Cowan
  2. Mobituaries * Mo Rocca
  3. Oberlin, IA * Ted Koppel
  4. Meow Wolf * Conor Knighton
  5. Opinion/Commercial

Naomi falls into a pit of despair over the opinion piece today which appears for all intents and purposes to be an advertisement for TD Ameritrade. The armless archer has nothing on Jordan's toe dexterity and are we quitting this podcast?

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Stories and Segments[edit]

  • COVER STORY: Armless archer
  • ART: Meow Wolf
  • PASSAGE: Cystic fibrosis drug therapy
  • BOOKS: How Mitch Albom found Chika
  • DEATH: Obit writers]]: Deadly serious about their craft
  • MOBITUARIES: Remembering first brother Billy Carter
  • JUSTICE: Freedom of speech
  • MUSIC: Jeff Lynne, the reluctant rock star
  • OPINION: Joseph Ricketts on free enterprise, the engine that drives America

What Links Here?[edit]