CBS Sunday Morning May 7, 2017

From Sterbal's Sundry Studies

The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast Top 5[edit]

  1. Oldest Profession * Lee Cowan
  2. Chagall * Rita Braver
  3. Sunday Passage * Prince Phillip
  4. Condeleezza Rice QA * Jane Pauley
  5. Slow TV * Seth Doane

Naomi and Jordan correct a grievous error from last week's episode. We decide that CBS Sunday Morning is too cool for the Emmys but wonder if a mistake was made when they lost? Naomi abdicates and lets Jordan pick the Top 5 today. The cover story takes us to our own city and we are excited to see the streets of Seattle. We talk about Marc Chagall, Prince Phillip and Condeleezza Rice and then make justifications for bringing slow TV to the U.S.

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