CBS Sunday Morning March 3, 2019

From Sterbal's Sundry Studies

The Sunday Morning Experience Top 5[edit]

  1. Documentaries * David Pogue
  2. Cheesy * Martha Teichner
  3. Julianne Moore * Jane Pauley
  4. Three Wishes * Steve "The Tearjerker" Hartman
  5. Opinion * David Sedaris

In a troubling sign of we don't know what exactly Naomi has a difficult time saying the word "documentary" today. Don't worry, we cut out the worst of it. Jordan is excited for more David Sedaris and lord willing and the creek don't rise, we will have a special guest next week! (It's Naomi's favorite aunt).

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Stories and Segments[edit]

  • COVER STORY: The Golden Age of documentary filmmaking
  • ALMANAC: Charles Ponzi
  • FOOD: The big cheeses come out at the World Championship Cheese Contest
  • LAW: "Saint Judy": The story of a tireless immigration lawyer's crusade for justice
  • "MOBITUARIES": Chang and Eng Bunker, the original Siamese twins
  • PASSAGE: André Previn
  • HARTMAN: Three wishes
  • MOVIES: Julianne Moore
  • COMMENTARY: Taking a stand on giving up a seat
  • BOOKS: New York Times Bestsellers - Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • WARFARE: Nuclear explosions: Preserving images of terrifying, swift power
  • CALENDAR: Week of March 4
  • NATURE: Grand Canyon in winter

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