CBS Sunday Morning March 18, 2018

From Sterbal's Sundry Studies
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The Sunday Morning Experience Top 5[edit]

  1. Handiwork * Tony Dokoupil
  2. Animals * Martha Teichner
  3. Triptych/Savants * Susan Spencer
  4. Glenn Close * Tracy Smith
  5. LSD Microdosing * Faith Salie


Naomi and Jordan join CBS Sunday Morning on their special edition, "Mind Matters" and found themselves trippin' at the special effects in studio this week.

Naomi delights in Martha and Tony's obvious happiness as they kiss animals and fingerpaint. Jordan wonders how a beer can sneaked into the Moment of Nature this week.

Our special 2-year anniversary/100th show is fast approaching. Look for details about how we are celebrating this momentous event soon.

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