CBS Sunday Morning June 12, 2016

From Sterbal's Sundry Studies

The Sunday Experience[edit]

Naomi and Jordan recap the latest installment of CBS Sunday Morning after watching the majority of the segments on YouTube. They discover, to their delight, that some segments (Moment of Nature) are lengthened considerably. They discuss CBS Sunday Morning's Emmy success and what appears to be a forcing out of Charles Osgood. Naomi gets teary-eyed listening to Sean Hayes talk about his childhood and Jordan is erudite and thoughtful, as usual.

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Top 5 Segments[edit]

  1. Moment of Nature - Yellowstone
  2. National Parks Series in The Great Sand Dunes, Colorado - Conor Knighton
  3. "An Act of God" about actor Sean Hayes - Lee Cowan
  4. "Hamilton" - Mo Rocca
  5. "What's My Line" - Rita Braver

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