CBS Sunday Morning January 6, 2019

From Sterbal's Sundry Studies
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The Sunday Morning Experience Top 5[edit]

  1. Nancy Pelosi * Jane Pauley
  2. Are We There Yet * Kris Van Cleave
  3. Willem-Dafoe * Serena Altschul
  4. Passage/Not A Passage * Captain Dragon and Super Dave
  5. On The Road * Steve "The Tearjerker" Hartman

Naomi and Jordan are joined this week by longtime CBS Sunday Morning fan, Wendy! How did she got on this esteemed podcast? She brought us donuts, of course!

There are an awful amount of pseudonyms to wrestle with on today's show. Also, 19-hour flights? Are they a chance to relax and have a mini vacation or are they just the same old hell on earth with even more recycled farts?

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Stories and Segments[edit]

  • COVER STORY: Running blind
  • ALMANAC: The Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding scandal
  • ART: King Tut
  • MOVIES: "At Eternity's Gate": Van Gogh on screen
  • COMMENTARY: An open secret: Open office plans are the worst
  • TRAVEL: A very long-haul flight
  • BOOKS: Michael Caine
  • PASSAGE: Daryl Dragon & Bob Einstein
  • COVER STORY: Nancy Pelosi: Checks and balances
  • CALENDAR: Week of January 7
  • NATURE: Sperm whales

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