CBS Sunday Morning February 5, 2017

From Sterbal's Sundry Studies

The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast Top 5[edit]

  1. Mar-O-Lago * Mo Rocca
  2. Wheeler Boots * Kristine Johnson
  3. Twins * Erin Moriarty
  4. Cup Stacking * Luke Burbank
  5. Opinion * Mellody Hobson

Naomi and Jordan are back at it again. We just can't quit CBS Sunday Morning, especially with segments about identical twins separated at birth, cup stacking championships, and amazing one-of-a-king cowboy boots. Naomi is a little too harsh about the exceedingly wealthy snowflakes who reside in Palm Beach, FL. Jordan politely declines his promotion from sidekick to co-host when he reviews the particulars and remembers The Smothers Brothers with fondness.

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