CBS Sunday Morning February 26, 2017

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The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast Top 5[edit]

  1. Title Design * Lee Cowan
  2. Through His Eyes * Elizabeth Palmer
  3. Christian Siriano * Serena Altschul
  4. Opinion * Faith Salie
  5. Sally Field * Jane Pauley

Steve Hartman from "On the Road" joins us to talk about his early career and the various methods he has used to be the "last word" in the news. Next week we will continue our interview and get into our Top 5 "On the Road" segments and get a peek behind the curtain at how these pieces all come together.

BUT FIRST, you have to listen to Naomi and Jordan do their normal recap of the latest CBS Sunday Morning, which is all about the Academy Awards. Naomi recalls the time they met a man who talked funny and Jordan told her it was because he spoke only using quotes from movies and TV shows that she had never watched.

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