CBS Sunday Morning February 25, 2018

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The Sunday Morning Experience Top 5[edit]

  1. Mary J. Blige * Michelle Miller
  2. Opioids * Lee Cowan
  3. John Deriage * Erin Moriarty
  4. Sgt. Pepper * Mark Phillips
  5. Fancy Restaurant * Mo Rocca

Today would have been the 79th birthday of John Leonard, one time critic-at-large on CBS Sunday Morning. Naomi and Jordan play his obituary from 2008 and reflect on what he has meant for them on their CBS Sunday Morning journey.

John Leonard–One time critic-at-large CBS Sunday Morning

We also talk about working hard and changing to stay the same. Just listen, it will all become clear. Listener Paul calls in about The Beatles, which is good because Naomi and Jordan have nothing worthwhile to say about them.

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