CBS Sunday Morning April 29, 2018

From Sterbal's Sundry Studies
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The Sunday Morning Experience Top 5[edit]

  1. Nancy Giles Opinion
  2. Puffin Patrol * Lee Cowan
  3. All Together Now * Barry Peterson
  4. Janelle Monae * Tony Dokoupil
  5. Denzel Washington * Michelle Miller

Naomi and Jordan are counting down the weeks until their 100th episode. The 100th episode celebration of The Sunday Morning Experience on June 3rd is at Broadview Tap House beginning with a live viewing at 7:00AM and ending with a podcast taping at 9:00AM. We will unveil our Third Season podcast introduction and have some cool commemorative coffee mugs for sale. Meanwhile, they enjoy learning about puffins in Iceland and the children who help them and applaud Nancy Giles' opinion about the downfall of Bill Cosby. Jordan calls Naomi out for not liking barbershop singing and Naomi is impressed that CBS Sunday Morning profiled someone as edgy and young as Janelle Monae. 

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