CBS Sunday Morning April 1, 2018

From Sterbal's Sundry Studies
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The Sunday Morning Experience Top 5[edit]

  1. Brain Drain * Ted Koppel
  2. In Harmony * Mo Rocca
  3. MLK/1968 * Marc Morial
  4. Testimony * Jim Axelrod
  5. Ernie Klein * Brook Silva-Braga

Naomi feels guilty over an April Fool's Day joke she played. There are no legal troubles with CBS!

Jordan steps out on The Sunday Morning Experience as a guest on Just Be Cousins His secret agent name on that podcast is Dan Jordache.

We discuss Uncle Ted's anti-technology segment and dive deep into nerd culture. We look back at the short history since Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and we cannot but help but admire the Lopezes.

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