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Topics from the forum[edit]

Topic Link Notes
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Is Google Hangouts reliable replacement for voice phone calling?
Help! Forum Moderators needed.
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Adopt my Girlfriend???
Removing Broken Bolts
Am bugged by massively inflated medical billing ...
Term Life Insurance through Costco ? Any experience ?
Amazon Echo & Tap
Tapatalk Integration
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Orlando Disney Parks -
Problem with cell phone + this website
Power surge protector for tv, soundbar??
Tools (from: I want to be Handyman for my tasks)
What Movie Have You Recently Watched?
What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?
High Earners - What's Your Profession?
What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part I Part II

Part III
Part IV Part V Part VI

Topics from the wiki[edit]

Getting started -

Annual Conference[edit]

Yes, there is a book signing session where you can get books you bring signed by the following authors:

  • Jack Bogle
  • Bill Bernstein
  • Christine Benz
  • Rick Ferri
  • Allan Roth
  • Mike Piper
  • Taylor Larimore
  • Laura Dogu
  • Mel Lindauer

Thoughts about the site[edit]

They are producer rather than consumer friendly. They want a platform that delivers their content first, then they want it to look good to the reader.