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[[category:keyboard shortcuts]]
[[category:keyboard shortcuts]]

Latest revision as of 15:30, 10 January 2018

Here is the list of Keyboard Shortcuts for SumatraPDF:

Shortcut Action Menu
Ctrl+o Open File
Ctrl+w Close File
Ctrl+s Save As File
F2 Rename File
Ctrl+p Print File
Ctrl+d Properties File
Ctrl+q Quit File
Ctrl+6 Single Page View
Ctrl+7 Facing View
Ctrl+8 Book View View
Ctrl+Shift+- Rotate Left View
Ctrl+Shirt++ Rotate Right View
F5 Presentation View
F11 Fullscreen View
F12 Bookmarks View
Ctrl+a Select All View
Ctrl+c Copy Selection View
Right Arrow Next Page Go To
Left Arrow Previous Page Go To
Home First Page Go To
End Last Page Go To
Ctrl+G Page... Go To
Alt+Left Arrow Back Go To
Alt+Right Arrow Forward Go To
Ctrl+F Find... Go To
Ctrl+0 Fit Page Zoom
Ctrl+1 Actual Size Zoom
Ctrl+2 Fit Width Zoom
Ctrl+3 Fit Content Zoom
Ctrl+Y Custom Zoom... Zoom

return to: https://github.com/sumatrapdfreader/sumatrapdf/wiki/Keyboard-Shortcuts

There is a good list of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12445/windows-keyboard-shortcuts

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